About Above Barre

Our Mission
To inspire and encourage women to exceed their fitness goals with each 55 minute Above Barre class. We believe our studio is the ideal environment for lengthening, strengthening, and toning muscles... WHILE having fun at the same time.


Q: What Type of Classes Do you Offer?
A: At Above Barre we offer three different types of classes. All of our classes are 55 minutes long. No matter which class you take, you'll get a full body workout. Our three classes are:
  • Classic Barre: This class is for anyone (from beginner to advanced). This class incorporates concise, isometric movements to help your body focus on specific muscle groups. We use the word "pulse" in this class frequently. These small movements encourage muscle definition. All of the exercises in this class will transform your body composition and, if taken regularly, will lead to a stronger core, slimmer thighs, and toned arms.
  • Core-Express: Core Express uses the essence of Barre to create an intense focus on strengthening and trimming your core to create real results that you will definitely feel and see. Your core is a complex muscle group that requires attention to strengthen and shape in the ways that you like. Join us and give your core the attention it deserves with 45 minutes that will set your core way Above the Barre!
  •  Barre Plus :  Barre Plus is the perfect fusion of traditional barre work with segments of cardio intervals. You will challenge yourself as you increase your heart rate, but will have time for recovery while doing low-impact toning exercises. If you are looking to burn calories while creating lean muscle, this class is for you! Modifications will be given to accommodate all fitness levels. If you love Classic Barre, then it is time to add Barre Plus to your routine!
Q: What do I need to bring and wear to class?
A: We require sticky socks for everyone in the studio, that way you can hold all positions without slipping and sliding on the carpet. This allows you to hold positions better, which will lead to quicker and better results. We sell a variety of sticky socks in the studio if you need a pair. We also ask that you wear fitted pants or leggings (no shorts please). Lastly, many of our members find it helpful to bring a bottle of water with them to each class.

Q: How many classes should I take per week?
A: We recommend 3-5 classes each week. By doing so, you'll see results in as little as four weeks. By taking just one class a week, it will take a little longer to see results. Of course, supplementing these classes with a healthy diet and proper hydration will lead to the most optimum results.

Q: Do I need to have dance experience?
A: Nope! Above Barre classes aren't "dance classes." They're classes that incorporate yoga, pilates, and ballet into a 55 minute full body workout. Dance experience or not, you'll still get a one of a kind workout. However, dance experience is great!

Q: How soon will I see results?
A: Most of our members who take regular classes say they see results within 3-4 weeks.

Q: Will I lose weight?
A: It is very likely that you will lose weight while taking above barre classes regularly. These are powerful workouts aimed at lengthening and strengthening all muscles in the body. By taking our classes regularly, it's extremely possible to lose weight and gain leaner, toned muscles. The more often you take classes, the sooner you see results.

Q: Can I do this if I'm pregnant?
A: Absolutely. We just ask that you consult your doctor before beginning. Be sure to let the instructor know as well, because modifications are available for almost every barre move.

Q: Do you offer free childcare?
Yes! Above Barre offers complimentary childcare for any customer that wants to come out for a class! Please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled class time and a member of our staff will assist you.

Sunday 1pm-6pm
Monday - Friday 8am-2pm, 4pm-8pm
Saturday 9am-1pm

Q: Do I need to supplement these classes with extra cardio?
A: It depends. Barre classes offer a fast-paced constantly moving environment that will get your heart beating. However, some clients like to add 1 or 2 days of cardio into their weekly workout routine. As a bonus for all of our members, every member has access (FOR FREE) to gym next door. This includes access to the entire facility, as well as the locker rooms and showers. Members can easily walk over and get any extra cardio they desire.

Q: What's your class time cancellation policy?
A: We ask that you cancel at least 4 hours before the class you signed up for. This way, if the class is full, other women have the opportunity to sign up and join the class. By cancelling 4 hours before, you avoid any possible cancellation fees.

"I love Above Barre because it gave me the results I was looking for in such a short period of time. Within the first three weeks I'd lost eight pounds.. and my body looked much more toned. It's low impact, but had me sore in all the right places. I can't get enough!" - Lexi S.

"I'd never taken a Yoga, Pilates, Ballet, or Barre Class before. Then, I came to Above Barre and got addicted! Every class is different, and SO fun!" -Ashley J.

"Above Barre has absolutely changed my body. There's nothing like it!" - Caitlin R.

"I train twice a week and then I come to Above Barre. I can definitely tell I'm getting more toned and defined.. especially in my core and legs. It's insane. It's a totally different workout and it's a great  supplement my other workouts. I also LOVE shopping at the boutique. Beyond Yoga clothes are AMAZING... I think I've pretty much bought the whole store at this point." -Donna P.
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